I.V.P.C. Constitution 2019

Updated Jan 2019

1. Name.

The Name of the group shall be “Irwell Vale Photography Club”

2. Aims.

The aim of the club is to promote the enjoyment and learning of photography in all its aspects and to learn from each other.

3. Membership.

Individual membership is open to anyone aged 16 or over. Younger people who are aged 14 or over and have chosen photography as a study option or a hobby may be admitted to club meetings and trips free of charge providing they are accompanied by a Parent or Guardian who is an existing member.

4. Officers of the club –
Officers of the club shall be elected annually and will consist of:-


The Chairman shall chair and run all meetings and events including the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and any Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM).
NB. Any of the club officers can deputise for the Chairman if he/she is not available at any meeting or event.


The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the club’s contact and membership of the L&CPU and PAGB. The Secretary will also ensure that the club, its members and agreed equipment are kept fully insured for all the club’s activities. He/she will liaise with the club’s Treasurer to arrange and then forward any necessary payments to the appropriate organisations and to subsequently pass receipts to back the Treasurer for the club’s accounts.


The treasurer shall be responsible for the management of the club’s accounts and the production of an annual report, which should be audited by a fellow officer before being presented at the AGM. He/she is responsible for overseeing the collection of all monies paid at club meetings and for raising any cheques required to meet the club’s obligations.

Syllabus Secretary.

The secretary shall be responsible for organising the annual syllabus from subjects/topics which will
be drawn from members suggestions and for booking and introducing any external speakers. He/she will pass copies of the completed Syllabus to the Chairman and Webmaster for publication to members and to the club’s website. Subjects can be adjusted by the Syllabus Secretary if circumstances dictate e.g. due to illness or cancellation of a speaker. The Chairman must be advised and he/she will then inform members of the changes by email if time permits.

Equipment officer.

The Equipment officer will maintain a log of all equipment belonging to the club and report the need for any maintenance or replacements as required. He/she will present an audited up to date version of the log at the AGM. The Equipment Officer, or a nominated deputy, may be responsible for the set-up and operation of the club’s PC, projector and PA system when required. NB. Any members files copied to the club computer for projection etc must be deleted after the event has ended.


The Webmaster shall be responsible for the club’s webpage and for the regular updating of club information and notices on it.

Honorary Members.
Honorary members may be elected from time to time in recognition of their service to the club.

The above named officers shall be collectively known as the Committee of the club.

Ordinary Members.

All other paid up members will hold an ordinary club membership and will be able to contribute to decisions made for the club. They will also be able to vote at the AGM and any EGM.

5. Meetings.
The AGM Meeting

Annual General Meetings shall normally be held in the month of January but not less than 9 months or more than 15 months apart. Reports by officers of the club shall be presented at the AGM and approved by the members. Notice of the AGM shall be given out to members at least 21 days before the AGM. Anyone wanting an item to be discussed at the AGM shall give the Chairman at least 14 days notice prior to the AGM for inclusion in the agenda.

Extraordinary General Meetings

These can be called at any time if there are at least 3 members who wish something out of the ordinary to be discussed. They must give notice to the Chairman who will then organise the EGM giving all members at least 14 days notice. An EGM can also be called at any time by the Chairman who will give the same notice to members.

Ordinary club meeting

These will be held every 2 weeks normally positioned to suit church activities, particularly avoiding Good Friday. Subjects can be adjusted by the Syllabus Secretary if circumstances dictate e.g. due to illness or cancellation of a speaker. The Chairman must be advised and he/she will then inform members of the changes by email if time permits.

6. The Syllabus
All members will be encouraged to submit ideas or subjects for the Syllabus on a continuing basis. These ideas and subjects will be compiled into a Syllabus of either 6 or 12 months (depending on how many ideas/subjects are put forward) which will be circulated to all members and published on the web site. N.B. There should normally be 2 meetings planned to follow an AGM to allow for continuity until the next programme is compiled.

7. Finances
The bank account shall be arranged and managed by the Treasurer. There shall be 3 authorised signatories on the account consisting of:- Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Cheques will normally be signed by the Treasurer or either of the 2 other authorised officers in his/her absence, but the value of any cheque must be agreed by any 2 of the authorised signatories.

N.B. Signatories who are drawing on the bank account, or who have a personal interest in it, can not be a signatory on that particular cheque.

Financial Accounts, audited by a fellow officer, shall be presented at the AGM. Updates can be given at any club meetings if deemed necessary by the Chairman or Treasurer.

The “Irwell Vale Photography Club” financial year will be from 1st Jan to 31st Dec.

Membership Fees will be agreed and set at the AGM and must be paid within 1 month (or 2 meetings) of the AGM. A paid up member shall have paid the agreed annual fee in full.

All monies raised by the “IVPC” shall be spent solely on the club but donations can be given to other bodies if sanctioned by the officers and agreed by the majority of the club members.

Should it become necessary to dissolve the “IVPC” the Chairman will call an EGM. The decision to proceed must then be agreed by the majority of members present. The officers and paid up members will then decide what happens to any remaining funds and equipment.

Visitors to club meetings shall pay the agreed entrance fee set by the officers and members at the AGM. This fee will be reviewed annually.

Approved by members vote dated: 18th January 2019

Signed by elected Chairman: JB Ogden

Countersigned by elected officer: K Petrie – Treasurer